Two Horizontal Machine Center (Supermax H-800 and H-500, from Yeong Chin Machinery Industries, Korea).
CNC Lathes (TBI 520, form CMZ, Spain; QT-250, from Mazak, USA; Alpha 550S from Harrison, England).
Conventional Lathes, Magnum 1250 from Colchester, England, 3 units.
Conventional Lathes from different origins and models.
Radial Drills.
Multiple Drills.
Horizontal Borer 1.000x1.000x1.200. (TOS, from Rep. Checa).
Horizontal Borer 800x800x1.000. (Castres, from France).
Horizontal Borer 500x600x800 (Sagem, from France).
Hydrostatical Test Equipment.
Traveling Crane up to 1.500 kg.
Other equipment and accessories to support.
- Own. With computer assisted design.
- Subcontracted.

Main Office and Foundry:
Alvarez de Toledo 764 - San Miguel - Santiago de Chile
Telephone: (56-2) 552 7908 - Fax: (56-2) 552 8067

Valves Factory:
Correa Errázuriz 2150 - Pedro Aguirre Cerda - Santiago de Chile
Telephone: (56-2) 563 0072