Grey Cast Iron.
Ductile Cast Iron.
Special Grey Cast Iron (to use with corrosive liquids, sulfuric acid, thermic shock).
Special Ductile Cast Iron (Erosion resistant, Heating, Superficial oxidation).
White Cast Iron, High Chromium, to ASTM A532).

Grey and Ductile Cast Iron: 200 tons/month approximately.

Aproximately 2.400 kg (Splitter Discharge 55743). This part was made to the National Copper Corporation, Chuquicamata Division.

1 Induction Furnace with 2 cubes of 1.000 kg. Each.
2 Cupola Furnace, with 1.8 ton/hour capacity.
9 Sand Packing Machine. Maximum capacity: 800x650 mm. Box.
Manual Molding up to 5.000 kg .
3 Traveling Crane up to 5.000 kg.
1 Sand Mixer with a capacity of 10 tons/hour and 2 Core Sand Mixer with a capacity of 250 kg/10 min. each.
Core Blower 15 kg..
2 Machines of metal filings, to removal sand sticked on castings from the mold.
Foundry Sand Laboratory.
Spectrograph "SPECTRO" to analyze 20 elements.
Liquid Metal Analyzer "Electro-Nite", model Quick Lab II.
Thermometer "Electro-Nite".
Metallographic Laboratory.
Quality Control System with external support.
Other Equipment

Main Office and Foundry:
Alvarez de Toledo 764 - San Miguel - Santiago de Chile
Telephone: (56-2) 552 7908 - Fax: (56-2) 552 8067

Valves Factory:
Correa Errázuriz 2150 - Pedro Aguirre Cerda - Santiago de Chile
Telephone: (56-2) 563 0072